About the Evergreen brand

About us

Evergreen is a classic Australian fusion in its own right. Take the best ancient Asian food culture combined with the latest technology, the highest food hygiene standards and top quality Australian ingredients, to create a unique range of healthy fresh food products.

Evergreen soy, noodle and dumpling sheet products are made by the Australian-owned company, Unigreen Food Pty Ltd.

The Evergreen brand is a product of Unigreen food Pty Ltd. They were established in Australia more than 20 years ago to deliver on a strong values basis, committing to:

  • The authenticity of our products to their individual histories and originating cultures.
  • The naturalness of our products, keeping them close to their natural sources and flavours.
  • Responsibility for the wellbeing of our customers, our staff and our community, supporting the causes close to our hearts.

Continuous improvement, improving our products, our processes and ourselves, showing our entrepreneurial spirit to deliver the best products in the best possible way.

Technical skills

The core of Evergreen’s products is a deep understanding of two fields of expertise – production automation and biology. Evergreen products are produced in a modern factory environment by trained employees working to the highest Australian food safety standards.

Research & development

The development team at Evergreen exercise their deep knowledge and understanding of traditional recipes plus the fresh input of Australian fusion food. They are refining the production of traditional products and also developing new products and product varieties that meet modern health and lifestyle needs. Their goal is to continuously develop delicious, high-quality Asian foods.

Quality and Certifications

Evergreen has a deep and ongoing commitment to quality food, and their food and safety certifications include:

Halal Certification
Kosher Certification