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Healthy options

Evergreen products are easily enjoyed by health conscious people. They are now widely available at supermarkets and health food stores as well as being supplied to renowned restaurants and international airlines.

Tofu and noodles are both staple products of Asian food lifestyle and are associated with health, well being and longevity. They are part of a healthy eating tradition that has developed in Asia over millennia.

Yoga for your stomach

Practicing this Eastern style of eating and cooking is great for health and wellbeing. Like the adoption of yoga into western life, learning to use these ingredients in healthy recipes adds an extra dimension to your quality of life and enjoyment of good food. Japan has the record for the longest life in the world and diet is one of their most important elements.

Soy products are an everyday food for Japanese families. There’s a wide range of products to use. For example, “Miso” soup’s Miso is made from fermented soybean, and uses Tofu as an integral ingredient, making it a double win in the health stakes.

Tofu is a great fat-free protein, as well as an excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients. It’s made in a similar process to cheese – by curdling fresh soy milk, pressing it into a solid block and cooling it.