We produce a wide range of fresh and delicious products

Soy and Tofu products

All our soy products provide healthy food alternatives to the Australian marketplace, serving the needs of the Asian community with renowned traditional foods of the highest quality.

We produce a range of soy products, including tofu, bean curd products and soy milk drinks. They are all made to authentic Asian recipes from quality sourced Australian ingredients.

We are introducing a long history of traditional-tasting Asian foods to western consumers and delivering the health benefits of this nutritious, zero fat protein with simple, tasty recipes that make healthier eating enjoyable and full of flavour.

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Noodle products

Noodles have almost 2000 years of history and are one of the most famous foods in Asia. Traditionally, noodles stand for “longevity and good luck” in Chinese culture. The shape and size of egg noodles vary depending on their place of origin – Japan, China, Vietnam or Korea.

Evergreen fresh noodles are the ultimate in “quick & easy” food. Their high quality and freshness differentiates them from instant noodles and the texture and taste are very different to dry noodles.

They are extremely healthy and easy to prepare at home once you understand which noodles to use and how to use them. The healthy and convenient option to traditional “fast Foods”.

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